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Amaze Learning Solutions is a professional clinic specializes in enhancing language abilities and thinking skills for individuals of all ages, abilities and needs, including (but not limited to) children and adults who have learning, speech and language difficulties, attention, Autism Spectrum Disorders, voice disorder, hearing impairment. Utilizing innovative methods, we believed and had witnessed significant improvements in our clients.

In addition to traditional management, we are proud to provide of the Davis™ Programs for learning challenges and ASD from USA, Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Programs from Israel, Oral Placement Therapy from USA. We continuously seek for better solutions for our clients.

Furthermore, we are destined to provide local training to therapists, teachers and parents to create better future for our loved one. Lastly, we hope that through public education, the general public will understand more about learning and language challenges and fostering a harmonious society.

Unit 1901, Winway Building, 50 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
(852) 2756 6603
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