About Us

Our Vision

Break the barriers. Create better future.

Every person has a reason to exist even if you think you are insignificant. Each of us has our own strengths and potential. We believed that even if there are obstacles in life, you can always find solutions to problems. By seeing things from a completely different perspective and utilizing your gifts from God, amazing things would happen to you.

Our Mission is to enhance clients with learning or speech/language difficulties to break the barriers. By discovering their strengths and potential, we are sure that they can create better future.

Let’s work together!

Our Team

Our Professional Team aims to enhance clients with learning or speech/language difficulties to break the barriers and discover their strengths and potential! Meet them here:


(852) 2756 6603
(852) 6398 3734
(852) 2756 6806
Unit 1901 Winway Building, 50 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
(Next to Yung Kee Restaurant; Central MTR D2 Exit)

Opening Hours

Mondays to Fridays
9:30am to 6:00pm

9:00am to 3:00pm

Sundays & Public Holidays

Bad Weather Service Arrangements

No.1 Typhoon / Yellow Rainstorm

No.3 Typhoon / Red Rainstorm
Clients and their family members should decide if it is appropriate to attend treatment.

No.8 Typhoon / Black Rainstorm
Services cancelled
Mon - Fri: If the warning signals are cancelled before 1pm, services would be resumed in 2 hours. If still hoisted at 1pm, the afternoon services would be cancelled.
Sat: If the warning signals are still hoisted at 11am, all services would be cancelled.

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